Hey there, welcome to a snippet of my life!

I'm an Art Director/Designer based in New York City and currently a Senior Digital Art Director at Havas Worldwide. I work on integrated creative campaigns for Hershey's, Reese's, M-GO, and Dr. Scholls accounts. Prior to working at Havas, I was a digital art director at BBDO New York, working on Hyatt, AT&T, M&Ms, GE and Pepsi accounts.

Aside from agency life, I've created on/off-line brand experiences for a roster of clients around the world like The Economist, Guggenheim Museums, Showtime, Nike's WWF, and Shakira. In some cases, these gigs only required my own brains, eyes, and hands soul. But in most, I've had the privilege to collaborate with extraordinary talent from great agencies like Wieden + Kennedy, Wolff Olins and Futurbrand to name a few. The truest "integrated" work can only come alive through collaboration.

I graduated from Parsons with an MFA in Design and Technology. Prior to that, I graduated with distinction from the American University of Beirut with a BFA in Graphic Design. I've been lucky enough to learn from some of the most outstanding Latin and Oriental typographers, designers, and technologists from the East and West. This stew of cultures made my exposure to the creative industry incredibly animated.

I've always been one to dismantle objects just to put them back together again. My obsession with raw material, picking up found objects, photographing Oriental signage and creating textures only became more interesting once I began punching in lines of code and exploring layered interfaces. I do believe that exploring the underside of things only makes the front powerful enough to influence change, be it to house an online socio-political conversation or to drive brand sales. I am interested in using this creative process to promote dialogue.

Some agencies I've worked with:
BBDO, Euro RSCG, Leo Burnett, Wolf Olins, Weiden + Kennedy, Unified Fields, Futurbrand, Ralph Applebaum Associates, LM Communiquer, Real Design Associates.
  • EFFIE Awards 2012

    Won for Best Sustained Success category for Vesicare (Astellas/GSK)

  • EFFIE Awards 2012

    Won for Best Healthcare - Rx category for VESIcare (Astellas/GSK)

  • Gossip Magazine May 2012

    Contributing writer for May 2012 issue

  • Stars of Science TV show 2011

    Featured appearance as brand consultant in 5 episodes of Season 3

  • Gossip Magazine May 2011

    Contributing writer for May 2011 issue

  • Stars of Science TV show 2010

    Featured appearance as brand consultant in 5 episodes of Season 2

  • Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2008

    Animation + Motion Graphics finalist


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